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Nov, 2017

Registration FAQ's

1. What documents are needed to prove residency?
-Click on the "Forms" tab, there will be a link to Proof of Residency requirements.  If you have a completed 2017-2018 school enrollment form, you can just upload that in lieu of 3 different documents. 

2. Fees are up this year, do you offer payment plans?
-Yes, complete the registration for your child(ren) and before payment confirmation, select the installment plan.  This will split your payments up.  Payment is due in FULL by 2/3/2017.  If you have any concerns with this, please contact [email protected]

3.How do I know what league to sign my child up for?
-Select any league that is available at the time of registration.  Your child will be assessed the beginning of February and they will be placed on a team after draft day.

4. Can I request a team or teammate to play with?
-You are more than welcome to put a request on your application, but beware that special requests are not guaranteed. 

5. Can I get a refund, if my child decided not to play?
-Refunds may be issued up until the last registration date of 2/3/2018.  Once  teams have been finalized no refunds are required.  If you have a situation, beyond your control and need a refund after 2/3/18, please contact the league at [email protected]

6. I can't figure out the website and I'm having trouble registering.
-Please contact the league at [email protected] and someone will get you assistance.

7. I want to volunteer, how do I do that?
-Please sign up to  volunteer, after you have registered. 

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